Appointment Setting

Does your business:

  • Revolve around direct contact with prospective clients?
  • Involve product or service demonstrations before purchase?
  • Have the resources to commit your company to research, qualify, and arrange successful sales meetings?

At B Team Consulting we know what precedes a successful meeting:

  1. Quality targeted research.
  2. Decision maker identification.
  3. Lead qualification.
  4. A smart approach!

We create opportunities for you by targeting the “hard to reach” decision makers, to get you in front of the person who is responsible for the procurement of your services or products.

Waiting in the wings we have a team of talented telemarketers who are trained and experienced in speaking to decision makers, identifying opportunities, and producing qualified sales appointments.

We offer our appointment setting services to client’s cross-sector across the whole of Europe, The Middle-East & Southeast Asia

To find out more about our appointment setting services, complete the form on our ‘Contact Us‘ page and we will get straight back to you.